Staging Knowledge by Herbert Lachmayer (Cover Design)

Book Cover for Herbert Lachmayer's "Staging Knowledge" The Wallpaper is a original artwork by the late Austrian Artist Franz West for this publication. Staging Knowledge: The staging of knowledge space and performative Kultureprocurement The communication of cultural-historical content calls for a mediation strategy that also functions as a research strategy – and vice versa. The “Staging Knowledge” concept describes an artistic-scientific cultural technique that complies with the demand for education in our society by recurring to the medium of exhibitions. It is the objective of “Staging Knowledge” to endow the practice of artistic research with cognition status, thus providing scientific discourses with “thought spaces of the imagination” to widen the scope for formulating scientific hypotheses through artistic creativity. Only an intuitive intelligence of taste and a mind capable of embracing passion can ensure that theory production will embody an inspired imagination and the desired, libidinous possibility of cathexis. Thus cultural mediation as performative rhetoric may also follow our emotions (and their modulation), inclining towards the fantasy production of the unconscious and upheld by the momentum of a subversive obsession with freedom.

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